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Why So Many Brides Choose the Lehenga Choli for Their Weddings

Indian bridal wear for women presents many options. One popular choice for women to wear is the lehenga choli. The lehenga choli combines a lehenga, which is a long skirt that is embroidered and pleated, with a choli, a midriff-baring top that is tight with a low-cut neckline. In addition to being a wedding favorite, the lehenga choli is popular for other special events as well as festivals. 


One of the reasons this style of outfit is so frequently chosen for wedding is due to tradition. It is a popular traditional dress in North India and is also the traditional outfit worn for Garba, the most famous festival of Gujarat. Traditional dress is embraced for special events such as these, and because the lehenga choli looks so visually beautiful on whomever wears it, it's unsurprising that it's a popular choice for Indian wedding clothing. For women who do not want to wear a wedding sari—either due to the potential difficulty with putting one on or simply due to personal preference, the lehenga choli is a perfect choice that looks stunning and beautiful. 

Variety of Style Choices

In addition to the lehenga choli being a traditional dress option for festivals and weddings, many women choose it for its versatility and for how many fabric, style, and color options they are afforded.  From sultry, rich jewel tones to bright lime greens and corals, metallics to subdued black, practically every color of the rainbow is available for a woman looking to wear a lehenga choli.  There is also the option to wear garments that feature sheer panels or a dupatta, a long, multi-purpose scarf that is traditionally worn across both shoulders as an accessory to the outfit. Whether for bridal wear or for festival, the lehenga choli is popular for many reasons, but perhaps most popular due to the options it offers to the women who wear it.

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