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Indian Brides Embracing Sari-Gowns as Bridal Trend

There's no question that brides, and Indian brides especially, have a lot of choice when it comes to what to wear when they get married. And now, there's another choice—an emerging trend in Indian bridal wear is the sari-gown. There are a few reasons why these are becoming more and more popular.

Easier to Wear

Saris can be difficult to put on, and if not done correctly and tucked in properly, they can fall off when you walk or dance—both things you'll be doing when you get married. Women obviously don't want to get caught with their wedding attire falling off, so gowns fashioned to have the appearance of saris or that look inspired by saris are growing in popularity. They are easier to wear and perhaps more comfortable for brides who will be busy throughout wedding festivities.

Less Intricate Detailing

Generally speaking, sari-gowns are less detailed than traditional wedding saris. Because sari-gowns are made to look a little bit more "Western," they do not have as much of the intricate embroidery details, which makes them an appealing choice for women who want to strike a balance between traditional bridal saris and western wedding gowns.

Why Choose Saris Over Sari Gowns?

Even though the trend toward wearing sari gowns is growing, many brides still choose to wear traditional wedding saris for their nuptials. Traditional bridal saris are, of course, still exceptionally beautiful, and many brides would rather wear the traditional wedding attire. While red is the traditional color for Indian brides, trends toward other colors are growing—colors such as gold, pink, orange, yellow, brown, and dark maroon are more popular these days, and while the traditional fabric to use is silk, other fabrics like crepe and satin are increasing in use. Some Indian brides choose white or cream colored saris with gold embroidery for their weddings, as well. Bridal saris offer women a chance to embrace their culture and wear a truly elegant and beautiful garment for one of the most important events in their lives.

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